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Considering guild rename. Please read!

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I believe the guild name should be changed, as it could undoubtedly expand our horizons as we prepare for Wanklords of Draenor. I know there will be varying opinions, but I feel like something along the lines of "Big PP Bosses" sums up our guild quite nicely. Or maybe just "Big Flailing Penis". However, something along the lines of SackSweatandDickCheese might be more realistic, or we could just keep it simple and similar to the original with Whatever Were Aspy. Anyway, all thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated. I will also be calling a vent meeting at some point in the near future to have a brainstorming session.

Edit: "#QueerestNerdsatBlizzcon" could work too. Or maybe, "I Have Yet to See the Sun". "What is a Poontang" "#FatasFuckLyfe"







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This is a sub-standard troll attempt. Sorry, better luck next time.

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