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Buying Loot

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Welcome to the loot buying forum. This forum will be used to discuss what is for sale, who we are selling it to, and when it will be sold. We will also include a list of our prices. The general protocol would be for one to examine the list of loot one might want, and make a thread with the name of what they wish to buy (all items, or a few of the key ones, and the rest in the body of the post) as the title. In the body of the thread include times you are available to buy, restate what you wish to buy, and state the name of the character you seek to buy items on.

Please note the follow:

- I reserve the right to kick you from my raid at any time i wish if you're fucking retarded, or i somehow find out you're not serious about buying.

- The procedure for buying loot will go as follows: I will first loot the item you wish to buy to myself, then i will place it in the trade window. The appropriate amount of gold will then be placed on your end and we will both hit trade. There is an in game trade system for a reason. This helps verify both your own legitimacy and ours.

- Availability of items is subject to change. I know it really sucks if you're looking to buy an item and we pick up a raider who needs it, but making sure my raiders are optimally geared is my number 1 concern. I will not get you saved to an instance in which you cannot possibly buy the item you seek.

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