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A few friendly reminders about your Applications

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This thread will outline a few of the common mistakes made by apps that lower their chances of getting in, and damage the first impressions they make upon me.

1) Fix your character BEFORE apping. Posting something to the effect of "If accepted, i will regem and re-enchant all my gear" is total horseshit. If you're not willing to make yourself look good on the app, why would i want to take a risk on you.

2) I am not here to do your theorycrafting for you. If i can point out glaring mistakes in your character by spending 5 minutes on the interwebs, you might not be cut out for this guild.

3) You should be able to afford all the necessary items for raiding REGARDLESS of whether or not you have a money making profession. Any barely sentient being should be able to make money in this game. This is your responsibility, and laziness with regards to this often equates to laziness in a raid scenario.

4) When we ask for people to vouch for you, we mean raiders, or former raiders. Random casuals or friends of friends have no opinion. I don't give a fuck what they think. A vouch can be critical if one of your other parts of the app (gear or experience) is somewhat lacking, so for the love of god, don't waste our time putting random idiots as people who would vouch.

5) If you make it apparent that you did not read this or other stickies, there is a high chance i will deny you right off the bat. Spend time on your apps.

To contextualize this for some of you, consider the following analogy:

Would you show up to a job interview for a Fortune500 company wearing flipflops, swim trunks and a tacky sun-visor? No. So why would you apply to an end-game raiding guild with shitty gems, enchants, gear and experience?

Updated 9/20/2012

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