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This application is your first impression upon us. Please make a conscious effort to spell correctly, use coherent grammar and be complete. Half-assed answers that look like you spent less than 15 seconds on will only reflect poorly upon you. I have never understood why people who are trying to get into a guild would throw together a shitty, half-assed app that looks like shit and is riddled with spelling errors and typos. It takes 15-20 minutes, make a quality app to reflect the quality player you are.

Title Format: [Character name][Class][spec]

- Armory Link (Please log out in your raiding gear):

- Links to WarcraftLogs logs of recent raids you have attended. Do not bother submitting this application if you can’t provide a link to any logs.

- Post a screenshot of your UI in raid combat (www.imgur.com):

- Post a screenshot of your UI out of combat:

- First Name:

- Your Country / Time zone:

- Age:


- Do you have Mumble and working microphone?

- Do you have the capacity to clearly communicate, yet have the ability to recognize when it's appropriate to keep comments to yourself?

- Are you able to handle mature (or immature) content on Mumble and in guild chat?

- Are you able to handle harsh criticism? You can, and will, be subjected to harsh criticism and you will be called out when you do not perform.

- Do you partake in anything that would interfere with your ability to raid (i.e. school, work, etc.)? Do you have any obligations in the foreseeable future that will affect your ability to raid?

- Do you have any PC or disconnect issues we should know about?

- Do you have an authenticator attached to your account?

- Class / Character Name:

- Race:

- Do you have any raid-viable alts that you can play at a competitive level, should the need arise? If so, provide a link to their armory links here.

- Is this your first main character? If not what did you used to play? When did you start playing WoW? Please provide detailed information (including armory links when applicable) about time spent on all your previous characters.

- What were the last 3 guilds that you were in? What were your reasons for leaving each of these guilds?

- What end game raiding experience do you have? Be thorough. The more detail you can provide here, the better.

- Do you have a raid-viable off-spec? Should the need arise, are you comfortable with playing your off-spec in a raid?

- How do you feel about sitting out for any given encounter should we not need you? It will happen.

- Are you willing to test new content on the PTR or BETA when it becomes available?

- How did you hear about our guild?

- What is your reason for applying? What makes us more appealing that any one of the thousands of other raiding guilds out there?

- Are there any WWA raiders or ex-raiders who would be willing to vouch for you?

- Last words: Show us what sets you apart from the rest of the candidates; what makes you better? What can you bring to WWA? Let us know why WE should want YOU. This is your last chance to impress us, be thorough. If there is anything that wasn’t covered in this application that you’d like us to know, tell us here. Do not answer this question with one sentence. Once again, the more complete the answer, the better.

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