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Applicant Expectations

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There are certain things we expect from our applicants, so read the below carefully and consider them before applying.

ATTENDANCE We expect you to be online and ready at 7:30 with ALL necessary consumables required that evening. If you have some real-life obligations or circumstances that would inhibit your ability to raid with this schedule or will in the near future DO NOT APPLY. We run a tight roster and can’t afford to recruit unreliable people. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU CAN NOT COMMIT. We are not interested in recruiting people to raid two nights a week. During Progression we raid 7:30-12am Sunday-Thursday.That means we raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday during the aforementioned hours. Often times during periods of progression, we will push past over 12, to get kills.

COMPUTER/CONNECTIONWe expect our members to be able to stay connected and at an FPS conducive to good gameplay on the vast majority of encounters.If your computer and internet are not reliable at least 95% of the time, there is a high chance we will not want you in raids.

GEAR/SPEC/GEMMING We fully expect that you have all your gear correctly and optimally gemmed, enchanted and that you are using the correct glyphs. If you are using incorrect gems, glyphs or enchants, expect to be ridiculed on your app, and perhaps in our guild if you somehow manage to get in. Your gear, spec and gemming tells us more about you than you think, including whether or not you understand relevant thoerycrafting and how familiar you are with your class mechanics. Above all, gems, enchants, specs and glyphs show us how much effort you put in.It doesn't take a whole lot to log on to some relevant theorycrafting site or spreadsheet and figure out what gems, gear, enchants and specs are mathematically proven to increase your raid output the most. Improper gear, gems, enchants or glyphs show a blatant lack of caring and a disregard for your fellow raids who have put in their time and efforts.

Raid Experience/Class Knowledge It's neither our job nor our desire to teach you how to raid. While exceptions will be made, a strong raiding background and relevant experience is preferred. If your character has less gear or raid experience than my alt, it'll be difficult to convince me you're geared or experienced enough to fill the role we want you to. This doesn't mean don't apply if you're not, exceptions can and will be made, it just means that at the very least it is required that you have a strong knowledge of how your class is to function in every fight, including ones you haven't done. We have no desire whatsoever to teach you encounters you could easily read about.

Some Final Words: Effort and dedication are musts. I fully expect of every applicant what i expect of my self: a continuous effort and drive for perfection. Perfection is something most of us, myself included, will never reach, but we should always strive to hit it, and shoot to better ourselves.

Any questions can be directed to myself. All of my alts have "Sark" in the name.

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