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  1. WWA downs heroic Madness (continued).

    Congrats guys! Well deserved and keep up the good work next expansion!
  2. No idea what Dark Intent is, I haven't been keeping up on my WoW at all. These forums are the only WoW related place I visit. Well, I suppose MMO-Champ sometimes.
  3. Congrats @ Top 15 guys! Now, less talk on the forums, more slaying dragons. Warlock at 6th place?!?!
  4. Heroic Ragnaros 25 down. Server First, US 22nd.

    I haven't read any of the posts except the main one, I'm drunk as shit, I loaded up this page and Im like fuck yeah 22nd in the US! WWA owning like usual. You guys are damn amazing & I'd love to be playing with you all again. It's the one thing about WoW I miss. <3 Keep on owning shit guys & congratulations!
  5. w00t, grats guys! Is anything even hard for you guys anymore? With Palioh in your raid everything should be a joke.
  6. Sinestra Down, t11 complete

    Congratulations guys. =)
  7. Sweet Videos

    Thought you dexter fans might like this... http://www.thetvaddict.com/2011/01/25/laug...-in-60-seconds/ The masuka part made me lol cuz it's so very very true.

    Nope, I don't have cable TV. Know of a place I could download them from and watch em later?

    At first I was like wtf? But then by your forum name and your character name I'm going to assume you are female. Therefore your post makes complete sense now.
  10. Preparing for Cataclysm, selective recruitment.

    Lolth buddy, if you really get this mad and think everyone if making fun of you then why do you keep browsing these forums? I mean, it is the internet, if people are really pissing you off you can easily disappear and will most likely never hear from them again. I still read these forums a couple times a week and I haven't played for what, like 5 months now. I do that because I enjoyed my stay in WWA and sometime in the future hopefully people are still playing that I use to play with so they can run my casual ass through Deathwing Citadel or whatever the hell the final Cata instance will be and get me tons o' loot! *cough cough* Hell, I still talk to like 4 or 5 people from my old guild on Elune and I haven't played with them for like 2 years now, the other 20 or so people though...I guarantee I'll never hear from them again! TLDR: Take WWA forums off your favorites tab and congratulations, you don't need to give a shit about them anymore. ps. Dont worry Lolth, I'm still your buddy, pal!
  11. because I'm bored...

    ^ That honestly just makes me want to throw up...
  12. Minecraft

    Well I still live @ my moms house which the only internet she could get at her house would be some Satellite shit and I"m not signing up for a 2 year contract and I"m also not paying $90 a month for shit internet. Soooo, when I finally get off my lazy ass and work hard to find a job so I can move into my own apartment and get solid internet, then I will be back. (Hopefully before Cata.) Plus I need to come back to show all you braindead melee your places on the meters. (ps, I you'll see me browsing forums a lot because I either use my brothers cell phone or I come over to my friends house and steal his internet lol)
  13. Minecraft

    No idea if you guys have heard of this game but it is amazing. It is called Minecraft and it's like a 3D builder game. It's amazing. http://www.minecraft.net/ check it out. Single player is meh but multiplayer is amazing because you can join a server and you can build whatever you want etc etc. Go Youtube it if you want to see more. You could seriously play it all night long and build whatever the heck you want. (Cat men anyone???) Here's a sweet pic I took from a server I just connected too and holy shit they spent a lot of time on this lol.
  14. Put it up someplace so I can download it and watch it at home so I don't have to do it at some public library! Thanks,