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  1. Mythic Archie down, 13/13. US 6th.

    The memeor shower.
  2. Oregorger

    My guy does not move that slow in game
  3. With foundry mythic open we currently have a high priority on the following classes: Rogue Warlock Balance Druid Elemental/Enh Shaman Mistweaver Though as always we are always looking for exceptional players and are willing to adjust our comp/make room. If your class is not listed and you think you can compete with our raiders we strongly encourage you to apply.
  4. Help me please Donnut

    I wouldn't if you have a 2p 4-5 stack active cause you risk losing it before getting another hotstreak. If not then it is probably worth doing.
  5. Help me please Donnut

    You can, but I do not. If you get good pyro crit RNG with alter time you can pom + molten armor + combust in a macro and still have a high ignite. Recently I have been using Nitroboosts after alter time fades and combust as I use my Pom pyro (usually using combust earlier ends up wasting the nitro boosts this way) I don't like the idea because if you screw this up somehow you lose way more dps than you gain. No. On the opener haste is already super inflated with lust + meta + troll racial. Outside of the opener crit is our strongest stat so you should always have molten armor on. If you are talking about on the opener I do not. With perfect crit rng you will be ready to alter (fireball in the air) 4 seconds after first hitting the boss. This can already be by crit rng and your meta gem not procing before your first fireball cast. In my opinion if you go out of your way to try and delay your alter you risk not having pyro + heating up + 4p before your trinkets fall. I won't say this is 100% correct though. Yes and I will go into detail: You will do more damage the longer you can keep a 5 stack up without interrupting your casts. On single target fights it is pretty easy to maintain a 5 stack with a Fireball + pyroblast rotation but you will need to occasionally pyroblast without a heating up proc to save a high stack. You want to pyroblast before and after using evocation unless you are stacked with haste buffs at the time and generally whenever you refresh LB/NT or when you need to inferno blast you will likely have to pyro without heating up. If you have to choose between refreshing LB or refreshing 2p remember that pyromaniac lasts longer than LB does, so it is worth refreshing the 2p. If you queue a fireball right after casting a pyro and don't have heating up at the start of the cast, you have to cast pyroblast after the second fireball cast regardless. Sometimes Rng will screw you over no matter what you do. Don't go out of your way to refresh a low stack or scorch to save a stack.
  6. @Reniat

    Jeeze that is a book.
  7. Paragons down. 13/14. US 4th, World 14th.

    I counted down from three, then took multiple screenshots.
  8. Paragons down. 13/14. US 4th, World 14th.

    Could say this fight has many bugs.
  9. Heroic Thok down. US 5th.

    Did someone record all the goat sounds at the end?
  10. How to Apply

    >Here< you can find our application template. To apply, you need to copy the application, fill it out and paste it in a new topic in >This Forum< All applications are private. Once you post an application, only you and our raiders can view and post on the application. After applying, please make sure to check your application regularly. If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the officers.
  11. Ra-den down US 6th Kill

    RECRUITMENT OPEN FOR THE FOLLOWING CLASSES: BALANCE DRUID UNHOLY DEATH KNIGHT WARLOCK ROGUE ELEMENTAL SHAMAN ANY HEALING CLASS Obviously if your class is not listed, don't be discouraged to apply. We are ultimately looking for quality players and are willing to make exceptions.
  12. Ra-den down US 6th Kill

    Fuck me for frapsing everything but our kill. Fuck jet for making us take 1 more pull to kill this.
  13. Path of Exile

    I will probably try it out when it goes public, no point in buying beta when it is so close.
  14. Heroic Spirit kings

    Screenshot later. We should have killed this sooner, but since we didn't we had to deal with a stealth nerf to vengence on this fight. Surprisingly we still managed to beat enrage.
  15. Heroic Gara'jal

    US 9th We are currently recruiting. We have immediate openings for talented Death Knights and Rogues. As always we are open to applications from exceptional players.
  16. Räw - Death Knight Unholy / Frost

    So mind = Blown This guy was uppermost and no one caught on. www.wowtrack.org/character/1967125
  17. Warlock Race/Profs in MoP

    For mages orc is still the best race for frost even with the nerf to the racial according to sims. The lock sims still use orc as well but i haven't looked into it enough to say that it is for sure the way to go.
  18. Warlock Race/Profs in MoP

    Orc racial will always be the best DPS racial for warlocks as long as pets do a notable amount of damage. Troll gets a 5% damage bonus to beasts that will make it better for very few fights. Forsaken is still going to be weak, just not useless like it is now. As of right now Engineering/leather-working is best for most(if not all) DPS classes as they both give more avg base stats than the other professions.
  19. Firelands all over again.
  20. When I first got a glimpse of this I thought it was going to be some stupid druid recruitment post for panda land.
  21. Availible Dragon Soul Loot

    Will of the unbinding is months away from being on the sell list at this rate. I think we still need at least 1 insignia as well.
  22. Spine down, more on that later.

    This wins worst encounter ever designed in my book. Blizzard will have to try really hard to top this one.