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  1. no problem, qt. miss you nerds.
  2. Unfortunately our site was injected with some Javascript which redirected unsuspecting individuals coming from Google search into malicious sites. I have patched this vulnerability and have updated some of our backend so it should not be an issue anymore. I just received confirmation from Google support that our site was reviewed and removed from their blacklist so the bright red warning should be removed soon for everyone visiting the site on Chrome. No accounts were compromised, but I would still recommend that everyone change their passwords. Please contact me at vooreskie@gmail.com if any further issues should arise.
  3. great minds think alike.
  4. ps me in.
  5. http://youtu.be/huLSDEgxEWo
  6. So brave.
  7. I have no idea who this kid is but it seems like his balls sure got tickled.
  8. song for end tier kill video
  9. Stop it, Myst. http://youtu.be/Zwnf6NrYxLM
  10. http://youtu.be/lDulgQd7Ws4
  11. Ask Hozz, he always rolls a big black dude.
  12. You know what else happens when you play a shitty game? Your class gets nerfed for no reason. LOLPRIESTLOLDPSPRIEST Fuck you, Drye. Also, I found a fix. First thing you need to do Zorop is install Arma OA 2 Beta 95417 and DayZ then load into any game in debug land. After you have done so, get in touch with me so I can fix your character.
  13. The actual issue is getting stuck in debug land no matter what. Non-hive servers don't have this issue. I'm pretty sure it's a HIVE problem, but the devs just haven't addressed it.
  14. Some people have been having this issue for almost a month. Don't count on it. If I find a fix I'll let you know.