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  1. WWA downs heroic Madness (continued).

    Coming into WWA as a twig as bitch and new player to WoW, clawing my way to 85 on my future main, Sark, Killmour and many others were always there to fill the void that internet guides and videos couldn't and were happy to do so. I still remember that Tuesday after reset that we had several groups just chain running Heroics until we hit that Server First Level 25 Guild achievement. You are all exceptional players and should be proud of your success this tier, let alone the entire expansion. Not to mention a hell of a group of guys (and gals), who says hardcore raiders have to be elitist jerks (see what I did there?). Good job guys, congrats again. Oh, and Hozz, can I borrow 2k? Drae
  2. WWA Art!!!

    I'm bald and fat, you're way off
  3. because I'm bored...

  4. because I'm bored...

    Got Rick Trolled
  5. WWA Art!!!

    Hey Sark, ya see what he did there? lololololol
  6. If you need access

    Don't know if I'm worthy, but I'm requesting access Thanks
  7. 10M Raiding Group

    Hey guys and gals, I'm just making a general post wondering if anyone is interested in starting a 10m Normal raiding group that raids weekly. The lack of competence in the general population has left a sour taste in my mouth! I'm just looking for a few people who know whats going on and want to gear up and gain experience in the raids. So I figured I'd throw the idea out there to anyone who may be interested on their alts or those of us who are not in the realm of being in the main raiding group. I know my roommate (Bowzye [mm hunter]) and I (holy pally) have been trying to do several of the raids in recent weeks and have had a very difficult time achieving success. Anyways the two of us are in for this idea, anyone else give me a shout online or in reply to this post. Ðraorn
  8. Post your battlestations!

    My mess and all it's glory