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  1. Thank you, Voore. <3
  2. Bby, you don't need access just to troll me.
  3. Frostly rolled higher than the number of real attempts he did on the boss.
  4. I would be down for a WWA Civ 5 LAN game. Winner takes maybe 30k gold or more. Idgaf.
  5. Alright. I'd be down to lose all of my life in a Civ 5 game.
  6. Forgive the drooling and the foaming at the mouth. Generally it's just a lot of trolls and idiots around these parts.
  7. Hi, Helv. How have you been? LEM DON'T BE A FUCKING GROUCH
  8. I take back every nice thing I've ever said about you.
  9. I have the VoD on Twitch, so I can upload goats and shit later.
  10. I miss you, Myst.
  11. 0/10
  12. We must have gotten an Anima Orb to hit around that time, too, Hozz, because the boss's health just stayed at 6.5% for the longest fucking time. Fuck that fight, and fuck Destruction.