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  1. WWA Art!!!

    Hey guys, wow, It's been a lot time! Thought you artists would like to see this/something new to inspire some sick stuff. This drawing is pretty old, done by an old raiding alliance friend of mine (we still talk, trading art, all that jazz), back in the days of Wrath. Peace, take care, Red!
  2. Happy Birthday Sark!

    also, close enough.
  3. Happy Birthday Sark!

    Happy Birthday! I hear winter is very brutal to old people, so here are some tissues for your all-winter needs
  4. Sweet Videos

  5. Sweet Videos

    I'm so confused.
  6. Sweet Videos

    this one's better :3
  7. because I'm bored...

    Fran, your sig reminds me of
  8. WWA Art!!!

    I'm making a few changes so it looks better, but here's what it looked like last night :3
  9. @Drye

    what the fuck did you do to this pony ;-;??
  10. @Drye

    Sark made one ^ I made this one:
  11. @Drye

    http://generalzoi.deviantart.com/art/Pony-...rsion-254295904 Please. Please. Do it. It's so amazing.
  12. Sweet Videos

  13. WWA Art!!!

    That's what it is normally and my Paladin:
  14. WWA Art!!!

    Happy Christmas and Halloween! I'll colour the rest with pencil-crayons later after I'm done with my art trade w/ a deviantart friend.
  15. because I'm bored...

    Didn't this happen to someone in this guild before?