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  1. You fucking suck you nigger ass cock sucker. You hung Brooks out to dry.
  2. The Method interview mentioned you could spell reflect Mutate onto Dissector, and then he would die because he couldn't eat a parasite. That would have been fun one.
  3. Those two bosses + Kael'thas are the most enjoyable kills I've had while raiding and Im sure most raiders would agree. A raid instance with 12 Ragnaros' would be too much, but certainly that level of difficulty should exist for the rarest of bosses. Now Spine would fall under the fuck this game 'hard' because it was just fucking stupid. So it's hard to measure in pulls since both Rag and Spine took a bunch, but the enjoyment was miles apart.
  4. Why is Botty in that screenshot? She doesn't have the mount!
  5. Sure
  6. PTR testing can't be considered progression when it isn't mandatory.
  7. MB cd scaling with haste? The fuck
  8. I'll do this when I have to replace my helm sometime in tier 15.
  9. Yeah and making fun of someone's grammatical mistake is not nerdy at all right? Just by being some random moron posting on this website when you have nothing to do with this guild makes you a fucking nerd. Get a clue idiot.
  10. I will do this for 80k
  11. Sorry it didnt work out here
  12. We really suck at taking screenshots. All I see is bubbles and a few naked pandas.