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  1. Torrentleech

    need valid email adress to sent inv.
  2. Torrentleech

    I have invitation to give for torrentleech if anyone wants a very good torrent site.
  3. Sweet Videos

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6R-cZB3qwg Bicycle has never looks so good.
  4. Path of Exile

  5. Sweet Videos

    http://www.military.com/video/forces/humor...mvY9Zb.facebook Soldiers are awesome.
  6. Old man Thistle Treasure

    Very easy quest to do, once ur exalted with Tillers, you kill the Big fkin fish in the pond north of halfhill ( the one where fish felreed is at ) and it gives you a Old map quest starter. Take about 10 minutes to get 100g, one primal diamond and 1 of each blue gem.
  7. DayZ

    You were right voore, im completly fucked. 99% of the servers i try i stuck at loading, the one i managed to get in, was still in gillies but with zero gear. i went ahead and got myself killed, respawned on that server with the basic starter kit but still cant join any other server. Hope they hotfix this real quick.
  8. Steam summer sale

    I mean you dont even wanna play it yet but EVENTUALLY.
  9. Steam summer sale

    BASTION is on vote for today's deal. Make sure to grab this excellent game!
  10. Steam summer sale

    For those of you who didn't know, it is currently steam summer sale. Almost everything is on sale, from 30% to 84%. Go check it out! Bundle are also available.
  11. Apparently, this was posted in 2007, they just changed the JP morgan CEO thing to make it new.
  12. Sweet Videos

    ! Zelda on violin! Kefka vs Ganon
  13. Aussie Million

    It's starting again tonight at 8h30 OUR time. I dont know about a live stream but there is live update on the aussiemillion website.
  14. Aussie Million

    Who ever follow poker a little bit, my buddy Yann Dion is on the final table right now. He knocked out Phil Ivey like a Boss.. It's good to have a millionnaire friend
  15. carried by...stommped.