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  1. How much for a mythic Hellfire title?

    sorry, i missed your post, but i was filled in on what it was about. Try and catch me online some time and we can talk about it.
  2. At long last, despite every curveball thrown at us, every player that left, and every real life circumstance that took a player from us, we managed to finish the tier with a solid ranking. As always thanks to all our raiders who helped us both in the raid, and those who unfortunately had to be sitting for the kill. We couldn't have finished the tier without you guys. We are, as always, recruiting skilled players interested in end-game raiding. Don't hesitate to apply if you feel as if you'd fit in well.
  3. Mannoroth down, 12/13M

    One of the best fights of the tier.
  4. Ghost Man down!

  5. Fel Lord down, US 5th

    After gorefriend struggles, we have caught up with a US5th Fel Lord kill
  6. We killed Robot Man and Bird Man

    Probably not worth a screenshot. 8/13.
  7. Gorefriend has been defeated.

    Kill me.
  8. After a few busy days in HFC, we have gone 4/13. 2 sets of raid frames because game sucks.
  9. Image in URL form until i stop being lazy and make a thumbnail http://i.imgur.com/t1A7bGu.jpg
  10. Iron Maidens Down, US 8th. 8/10

    We killed Iron Maidens. We're also still recruiting skilled and experienced players.
  11. We managed to take down Imperator earlier this week, making us 7/7. In preparation for Blackrock Foundry we are still recruiting.
  12. Week One of Warlords has drawn to a close, seeing us at 5/7 Mythic and US 7th overall. Here's a screenshot of our Kor'agh kill: also, RECRUITING ROGUES! Don't hesitate to app if you are a competent rogue with raiding experience.
  13. WTB full roic SoO clear / loot / mount :)

    I'll send you a PM on the forums with the details. Hope to see you soon.