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  1. Beth'tilac was slain tonight, bringing us to a 3/7 so far this week. This appears to be another US 18th, putting us at US 19th overall. oh yea. Obviously server first and all that as well.
  2. We Also killed Heroic Staghelm.

    A lot of these heavy burn fights have a real issue with threat, particularly at the beginning, so tricks is massive. A lot of these fights have prime opportunities to bladeflury and there's also the fact that rogues are just strong dps.
  3. We killed heroic Baleroc.

    Not even worth a screenshot. But we're 5/7 now.
  4. Last Cruise I Was On:

    palioh was planning on doing a dance like that on our cruise too.
  5. Cursing

    stephen fry is a brilliant man.
  6. We downed both shannox and rhyolith this reset, resulting in what is a US 18th 25man kill. Screenshot below:
  7. Not even really worth a screenshot tbh. See you in hardmodes.
  8. Firelands Victory

    i missed this thread. Thanks for the grats, but honestly normal firelands was disappointingly easy, nothing really for us to be proud of. Hopefully the hardmodes will prove more interesting.
  9. [H] <Whatever Were Awesome> Selling

    Firelord is still too far away to tell for sure.
  10. Remember on the beta forums when i made that post about how a 10man guild, particularly one with significantly less ability, that normally wouldn't and couldn't be any competition at all, could zerg normal modes for realm firsts, due not only to the fact that 10man is ridiculously easier (LOL BALEROC?!), but also due to the fact that 10mans can raid ridiculous hours as a result of only having to rely on 10 people? Man, i was smart, over a year ago when i posted that.
  11. I am quiting, Come to this thing im doing

    highly doubtful considering the event was scheduled for "Saterday" before he was corrected.
  12. WWA Art!!!

  13. Game of thrones

    how are you not up to that yet? so slow .
  14. Game of thrones

    It's hard to fuck up such a great book, particularly when the author works so closely with those creating the show. The sad part is that George RR Martin is 62, so at this rate he is cutting it really close with the final season of the show, assuming it takes another ~2 years to release s2, which would cover the second book. The fifth book comes out july 12th, 6 years after the 4th, meaning that book six and seven, if they follow the trend of 2 years, 2 years, 5 years, 6 years, will come out in 2018 and 2026. In 2026 George RR Martin will be 77. So if the season takes 2 years after the release of the final book, he'll be 79.
  15. Bacolicious!

  16. because I'm bored...

    the grammar one is excellent.
  17. We finally completed Stay Chill, thereby completing the meta-achievement. This basically means we've done everything there is to be done this tier, excepting the no-death 1shot sinestra achievement. In other news, we are still recruiting exceptional dps, 1 holy pallie, and anyone in general who feels they are capable of playing at the level required to be US top 25. Particularly we could use 1 holy pallie, 1 hunter and 1 ranged caster. I cannot stress enough, however, to app if you feel qualified, regardless of spec.
  18. Anyone Want to buy hon

    ladybug pest? bzzzizizzzizzz bzizzizizizzzzz bizizizizziziz
  19. WWA Art!!!

    once again, incontrovertible proof that there is no god. edit: There should be an apostrophe in the word "there's," as it is a contraction formed from the words "there" and is."
  20. Great New APP

    wait, i'm his friend? idk who that is.
  21. let me carry you for once

    man, i'm so used to city streets, it looks so strange seeing an empty road with open land on the sides.