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  1. can you read, motherfucker?
  2. WWA downs heroic Madness (continued).

    Hey man it's been a while. Thanks a bunch.
  3. WWA downs heroic Madness (continued).

    first normal mode nef The 1% nef heroic wipe, about 30 minutes before we got our first well ranked kill: The heroic AA 10 that we did, only to later realize our 25man AA kill STILL would have been server first: Staying up well into the morning and the afternoon of the following day to grind realm first guild level 25: Probably one of the better gquits of this expansion: An example of our diverse and exciting loot: I'll conclude by thanking a few people for making this a great expansion, namely the following: All our raiders (Stommped, Botty, Zorop, Hype, Donatist, Drye, Citta, Azure, Voore, Donnut, Brooks, Hozz, Ashkore, Nasse, Squad, Clearly, Smashyy, Lucc, Menis, Nervii, Monath and Neverstunned), my officers (Raw, killmour, echeo, lambert, palioh), former raiders who still hang out in guild (Whata, Shiena, toprem, Krodak, zaph, Tynkles, Zara, cash, qtica, a few more who i forget, even if they didn't leave on the best of terms) Danny (he has typed "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..." for nearly every single one of our first kills, check the screenshot), That low level gnome who always supports our guild on the forums (you know who you are, as do i), phrequency (helps tremendously with the site), Jagtherr (he still pays for our vent), Nibron (He always had faith in us), guild friends who might not be in the guild any longer (Lyricals, Othila, ghiggz, a few others) Jesse (because listening to him get kicked from vent was hilarious), Lemistio and the rest of Regen for providing the only thing resembling competition on this server, Guile's Theme Song for giving me the "we better not lose to a 10man" motivation, and all the trolls and haters. The guild and server wouldn't be the unique community it is without all of you. Also, really quickly, thanks once more to raw and killmour who both weren't there for the actual kill, but were both there for literally every other pull of every boss we killed this tier. Obviously we couldn't have kill this shit without you two.
  4. Spine down, more on that later.

    This was, without a doubt, the single WORST encounter i have ever experienced both as a raider and raid leader. There is NOTHING in this fight that tests ability in the slightest. The mechanics are neither interesting, nor exciting, and the encounter feels like a 12 to 13 minute trash pull. The amount of raidstacking this fight calls for is obscene and a guild like us who really doesn't raidstack really suffers. The dispellable debuff mechanic is a perfect example of the problem with the fight. The debuff does not add anything to the fight. It's just something else for a healer to do, that really does not add any layer of depth of difficulty to it. Coupled with the fact that the random nature of bounces sometimes makes it so tanks don't get the 20% reduction until the third plate, the debuff ultimately becomes more of a nuisance than anything else. Interestingly enough, our kill is probably one of the least raidstacked kills to date, as we don't really raid stack. We've done this whole tier with the 4 mages that we killed spine with. There were no alt mages, rogues or anything for that matter on our final kill. Interestingly enough, by the time we actually kill it, our damage was so good that it wasn't uncommon to see a tendon at 37-39% without lust or pots. Thank god that shitfest is done. edit: i editted in an action shot of us on our first few spine pulls:
  5. Spine down, more on that later.

    updated with a new image.
  6. because I'm bored...

    haha, yea, i saw this. Pure brilliance.
  7. It's cute that that dude armories hozz and shit.
  8. @Drye

    nah, the idea of getting to make a my little pony character that'd destroy a kid instead of cuddle with them was kind of interesting.
  9. Merry Christmas

    you too
  10. @priests Hymn auto-cancelling

    From my experiences it's been total random, and honestly, i probably wouldn't have noticed as much if it didn't keep happening on yor'sahj, where i'm using both hymns every pull, and we were getting quick pulls in. It wasn't every attempt, just every few. So to answer your question, it's probably just the frequency with which i was using it that made it happen more. Over the past week of hardmode progression i've easily cast 200+ of each hymn.
  11. @priests Hymn auto-cancelling

    It's good to see a million people have this problem i had. It's not every time, but if it happens at an important time, it's bad.
  12. Heroic Ooze guy down, US 12th.

  13. Heroic Ooze guy down, US 12th.

    Thanks. Also, happy birthday (unless the forums are lying to me).
  14. Point is, we killed Warlord on 25man heroic, a US 6th kill. World 15th. In other news, we are now recruiting the following: -Warlock -dps deathknight -any caster with a staff apply, apply, apply
  15. DS 10 man Weekdays

    raiding at the crack of noon? too early.
  16. ret pallies are actually good now.
  17. Dec 6th Blizzard hits guilds with 3 day ban!

    There were a few other ways to cheat the system, including ALT+F4ing, etc. Either way, clearly an exploit, it's good to see paragon at least acknowledged they deserve the ban.
  18. Remember with me!

    One thing worth noting, particular for you, zorop, is that most of what i say is specifically with regards to the military in america, as i admittedly am not as educated in the foreign policies and politics of other countries. And as always, as if it weren't abundantly clear, my issue is NEVER with the soldiers themselves, it's ALWAYS going to be with the politics behind it.
  19. Remember with me!

    Yep. I agree. I should have prefaced what i said by saying i was speaking about the military in america. It's a matter of opinion, or anything like that, it's simply a fact: the american government exploits the state of the economy to virtually conscript people. There are plenty of people who willingly join the military as well. That does not change the fact that there are also a fair amount who don't. I'm not going to sit here and argue anymore, it's pointless. The reality is that just because people have differing opinions or life choices from you, does not mean that they are somehow lesser people. I chose to spend my life "whining in a college study hall." So did people like Jonas Salk, and Alan Turing, both of whom have made contributions to the human race on a scale that is almost immeasurable. (For those of you who don't know who they are, both of did work that has, or has led to, the saving of many, many more lives than any war or conflict ever could) Actually a civilian has EVERY right to criticize a soldier. These are the rights that these soldiers are supposedly fighting to protect (albeit as one can see from the occupy wallstreet protests, maybe they're fighting against the wrong governments if they seek to protect the rights of american citizens el oh el). Furthermore, the supposition that people who aren't soldiers are "scared," and that is the only reason somebody wouldn't be a soldier is COMPLETELY and UTTERLY unfounded. Is it not possible for somebody to just so totally and completely disagree with what the military is doing, and be so utterly and completely repulsed by the agenda of ones own government to not want to take up arms and fight for them. Just a few posts up it was insinuated that in the case of somebody like myself, or to an extent diqmoor, the honorable thing to do would actually be abstain because we do not agree with how things are being handled.
  20. Remember with me!

    Perhaps this is a bit of a tangent, but i feel that there is a world of difference between what the military is used for today and what it was used for in decades past, which is while i feel a few of the above points aren't ENTIRELY valid. That being said, this doesn't reflect poorly upon the people that comprise the military, but rather those in charge of it. The reality is that right now the military is fueled by a virtually endless stream of people who are all but forced into it because they can get no other job in this economy, and the powers that be are more than willing to gamble with the lives of these people. There's a world of difference between World War 2 and whatever you want to call this conflict (because the congress did not declare war) in the middle east.' Also, food for thought: If following orders regardless is the honorable thing to do, then was it the honorable thing to do for the police officers on the UC Davis campus to pepper-spray peaceful protestors to the point where they were vomiting blood, and even kick and beat a pregnant woman repeatedly to the point where she had a miscarriage? I mean they were just following orders. There is no right or wrong answer really, and this is like a debate on religion, no side will ever back down, because they're too adamant in supporting their own beliefs, but it's certainly something to think about.
  21. [H] <Whatever Were Awesome> Selling

    yeah, it's getting changed from 405 mana reduc to 205. It's still a decent trinket, but a combo like Jaws/Gift of the Demon Lord is easier to get and just about as good.
  22. [H] <Whatever Were Awesome> Selling

    the latter 3 people are pugging quite a bit for transmog gear, that shouldn't be too hard to find a group for. Dragonslayer would probably be the hardest, although unless your trinkets are really really bad, they are nerfing shard in the patch today pretty hard (because it'd still be BiS for all healing classes had they not), so there are probably a few better options, like the int/mastery one from the new 5man.
  23. If you need access

    got you too, let me know if it didn't work.