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  1. Heroic Thok down. US 5th.

    for some reason all i could think of when i read "MLP" was Martin Luther Pony. I need to sleep more.
  2. Heroic Thok down. US 5th.

    hopefully not for long, but we'll see. CATASTROPHE is a respectable guild.
  3. Spoils down. 10/14.

    We slayed spoils.
  4. Spoils down. 10/14.

  5. We made quick work of the next two bosses in SoO with relative ease. On to Malkorak.
  6. Day 1: 6/14. Okay, this is SoO.

    After we called it on day 1 of Siege of Orgrimmar, we are sitting at 6/14. It's a bit disappointing that most of the fights were ridiculously easy, but i guess that's a testament to how important PTR testing and preparedness is.
  7. @SARK

    That funny little npc has a nice name.
  8. Just wondering if someone could help me out

    Should i be disappointed that i missed whatever this was?
  9. @SARK

    Fine. Yes. Thanks.
  10. @SARK

    hey, what's up.
  11. Ra-den down US 6th Kill

    I like how killmour didn't think we'd kill lei shen, when we could have gone for quite a while longer without wiping, but did think we'd kill this when it was so close to wipe. Even if we did wipe on that pull, though, we had 13 more attempts, and we pretty much had the fight down, we wiped at 10% the attempt prior, so we probably would have just killed it next pull. We had the worst luck on adds that pull in p2.
  12. Fun, fun. We are also recruiting ALL CLASSES! We have a high need for ranged DPS classes and a DK, but ultimately we are looking for quality players for future content.
  13. We killed Heroic Lei Shen. US 8th.

    hozz, you really suck at hyperlinking.
  14. We're 11/13. Still recruiting

    Here's a screenshot to sate the hungry masses that i know were waiting for one. Still looking for Locks, Moonkin, Rogues and just about anyone else who is skilled and capable.
  15. Dark Animus down.

    We killed Dark Animus. Once again US 9th.
  16. Better late than never. US 9th. here's a temporary screenshot until i stop being lazy and put a thumbnail
  17. With the Throne of Thunder on the horizon we are still looking to bolster our roster. We are presently in need of the following: Holy Paladin Healing Priest Resto Druid Mistweaver Monk Rogue Windwalker Monk We do not recruit for the bench. It is our intention for all our raiders to have high amounts of raid time. Any other applicants do not hesitate to apply, we welcome competition.
  18. Path of Exile

    Idk, anything can be anything. Just figure out if you want to be a caster or melee and do whatever, it won't really matter. I'm hoping once i get to play through with actual support gems and shit a second time it gets a bit better, because this first play through is a snoozefest.
  19. Path of Exile

    Doesn't matter, whatever you pick first is invariably going to suck because you have nothing. I'm already thinking about my second character, which i have a bunch of gems and shit for.
  20. Thank you Zaph, Lamdeeze, and Rawxd

    Holy cow, 4 disc priests.
  21. Heroic Sha of Fear down. US 9th.

    A bit later than we should have, perhaps, but despite a series of unfortunate circumstances we finished at a solid US 9th Sha of Fear. In other news we are looking for strong applicants, particularly strong ranged dps, a discipline priest, a holy paladin and a melee with a flexible offtank spec that knows how to play both that and a dps spec more than competently. If you think you fit the bill, don't hesitate to apply.
  22. First preview to 5.2 raid

    It always has been for testing that occurs during normal raid times.
  23. First preview to 5.2 raid

    So realistically speaking we're looking at progression again late feb/early march. Although i guess ptr testing counts as progression.