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  1. Looking for Healers

    We're presently looking for 1-2 holy priests, 1-2 resto druids and probably 1 holy paladin. Don't hesitate to app if you're one of the aforementioned healers. We are looking to fill in a 100% raiding spot, so you will get to raid if you're not awful.
  2. Sweet Videos

  3. Sweet Videos

    i remember seeing shit this guy made with ulduar shit (most notably "in the mountains.") It was amazing.
  4. An Offer For Your Guild

    Do GC with sarkysark, i'll AL you the wand.
  5. An Offer For Your Guild

    nice keylogger.
  6. TotC Loot

    **Presently we are offering what we like to call "the grab bag." Basically this package includes all 5 trophies for 10,000g and any overflow loot not on reserve by raiders or other buyers as a bonus. Typically this means most anything that drops.** Trophy of the Crusade is typically 2,000 gold. Most armor pieces will run approximately 2,000 gold as well. One handed Weapons and Shields will be approximately 2,500 gold. Two-Handers (DBB) will be 5,000 gold. Trinkets (excepting those reserved obviously) will be 5,000 gold. Reserved Item List: Solace of the Fallen Death's Choice Reign of the Dead (if you're in my guild and you need something not on the list for raiding purposes, let me know so i can add it on)
  7. We have suspended our sale of Ironbound Drakes indefinitely. Presently we do not have any plans to do another ulduar run, but should we do one for any reason, drakes would typically be 25k.
  8. Buying Loot

    Welcome to the loot buying forum. This forum will be used to discuss what is for sale, who we are selling it to, and when it will be sold. We will also include a list of our prices. The general protocol would be for one to examine the list of loot one might want, and make a thread with the name of what they wish to buy (all items, or a few of the key ones, and the rest in the body of the post) as the title. In the body of the thread include times you are available to buy, restate what you wish to buy, and state the name of the character you seek to buy items on. Please note the follow: - I reserve the right to kick you from my raid at any time i wish if you're fucking retarded, or i somehow find out you're not serious about buying. - The procedure for buying loot will go as follows: I will first loot the item you wish to buy to myself, then i will place it in the trade window. The appropriate amount of gold will then be placed on your end and we will both hit trade. There is an in game trade system for a reason. This helps verify both your own legitimacy and ours. - Availability of items is subject to change. I know it really sucks if you're looking to buy an item and we pick up a raider who needs it, but making sure my raiders are optimally geared is my number 1 concern. I will not get you saved to an instance in which you cannot possibly buy the item you seek.
  9. This thread will outline a few of the common mistakes made by apps that lower their chances of getting in, and damage the first impressions they make upon me. 1) Fix your character BEFORE apping. Posting something to the effect of "If accepted, i will regem and re-enchant all my gear" is total horseshit. If you're not willing to make yourself look good on the app, why would i want to take a risk on you. 2) I am not here to do your theorycrafting for you. If i can point out glaring mistakes in your character by spending 5 minutes on the interwebs, you might not be cut out for this guild. 3) You should be able to afford all the necessary items for raiding REGARDLESS of whether or not you have a money making profession. Any barely sentient being should be able to make money in this game. This is your responsibility, and laziness with regards to this often equates to laziness in a raid scenario. 4) When we ask for people to vouch for you, we mean raiders, or former raiders. Random casuals or friends of friends have no opinion. I don't give a fuck what they think. A vouch can be critical if one of your other parts of the app (gear or experience) is somewhat lacking, so for the love of god, don't waste our time putting random idiots as people who would vouch. 5) If you make it apparent that you did not read this or other stickies, there is a high chance i will deny you right off the bat. Spend time on your apps. To contextualize this for some of you, consider the following analogy: Would you show up to a job interview for a Fortune500 company wearing flipflops, swim trunks and a tacky sun-visor? No. So why would you apply to an end-game raiding guild with shitty gems, enchants, gear and experience? Updated 9/20/2012
  10. New site.

    To be fair, i didn't go to anywhere, phequency went to civrock. .
  11. Merry Christmas

    no u
  12. Sweet Videos

  13. Liar

    myst, you can make the healie boots, right?
  14. Liar

    warlock wins duel against priest who isn't wearing a pvp trinket. More news at 11.
  15. Liar

  16. Sweet Videos

    lmao. i wish i had a legion of woman following me around and proclaiming my greatness, as the guy in the video does .
  17. Liar

    hi uxo
  18. The OG's ( Monolith Originals )

    look at me, i'm insane.
  19. Our needs have been slightly updated, and now in addition to the 1 Holy Paladin we are also looking for 1 Holy Priest and 1 DK capable of Speccing at least 2 out of the 3 specs with a good understanding of how to play both. A few more details on each: For the priest we are primarily looking for one to fill a raid-healing slot. For this reason i am VERY strongly leaning towards wanting a holy one. Please remember that I play a priest so i will be very picky and critical about what i'm looking for, a solid understanding of how to play the class and a solid grasp on the itemization, speccing and such involved in playing the spec. If you are good and can fill this role to my satisfaction you are looking at a 100% raid spot. For the DK, we are looking for a death knight capable of playing two of the specs (preferably frost and unholy at this point, but a blood/frost or a blood/unholy is acceptable) as we sometimes mix up raid comps and i like to have some versatility in what classes we use to provide which critical raid buffs. As always, an understanding of glyphing, speccing, etc is required. Also, not really noteworthy, but we killed the first 4 glorified trashmobs that drop 264 loot in ICC. And server first exalted with the Ashen Verdict I swear i'm not trying to show off my achievement points.
  20. As the title says, we're really hurting on Holy Paladin(s) at the present, and we're looking to recruit one FULL TIME (that means you get a 100% raid invited, unquestioned unless you're awful) RAIDER. Pluses include significant end-game experience and gear, but we might be willing to make compromises if an applicant shows an exceptional class knowledge. Standard application conditions and requirements still apply. If you feel you could fill this spot, do not hesitate to post.
  21. Presently we are in particular need of ONE AMAZING HOLY PALADIN and ONE AMAZING ROGUE to progress into Icecrown Citidel. Our recruitment needs include: (1) Holy Pally (High Need!) (1-2) Rogues (High Need!) (1) Non-druid, Non-DK Tank (that means 1 warrior or prot pally with anub'arak tanking experience) (1) Resto Druid (High Need!) While the above are the things we need the most, we are always looking for exceptional DPS and healers who feel they can perform better than our current raiders.
  22. New site.

    once we transfer this shit to our domain, yes.
  23. A NOTE BEFORE YOU POST YOUR APP This application is your first impression upon us. Please make a conscious effort to spell correctly, use coherent grammar and be complete. Half-assed answers that look like you spent less than 15 seconds on will only reflect poorly upon you. I have never understood why people who are trying to get into a guild would throw together a shitty, half-assed app that looks like shit and is riddled with spelling errors and typos. It takes 15-20 minutes, make a quality app to reflect the quality player you are. Title Format: [Character name][Class][spec] - Armory Link (Please log out in your raiding gear): - Links to WarcraftLogs logs of recent raids you have attended. Do not bother submitting this application if you can’t provide a link to any logs. - Post a screenshot of your UI in raid combat (www.imgur.com): - Post a screenshot of your UI out of combat: - First Name: - Your Country / Time zone: - Age: -Battletag: - Do you have Mumble and working microphone? - Do you have the capacity to clearly communicate, yet have the ability to recognize when it's appropriate to keep comments to yourself? - Are you able to handle mature (or immature) content on Mumble and in guild chat? - Are you able to handle harsh criticism? You can, and will, be subjected to harsh criticism and you will be called out when you do not perform. - Do you partake in anything that would interfere with your ability to raid (i.e. school, work, etc.)? Do you have any obligations in the foreseeable future that will affect your ability to raid? - Do you have any PC or disconnect issues we should know about? - Do you have an authenticator attached to your account? - Class / Character Name: - Race: - Do you have any raid-viable alts that you can play at a competitive level, should the need arise? If so, provide a link to their armory links here. - Is this your first main character? If not what did you used to play? When did you start playing WoW? Please provide detailed information (including armory links when applicable) about time spent on all your previous characters. - What were the last 3 guilds that you were in? What were your reasons for leaving each of these guilds? - What end game raiding experience do you have? Be thorough. The more detail you can provide here, the better. - Please provide a quick summary of your "valuable" Stats (Mastery, haste, etc.) as you understand them for your class. - Do you have a raid-viable off-spec? Should the need arise, are you comfortable with playing your off-spec in a raid? - Which spec do you prefer? Are you willing to respec if it were asked of you? Are you willing to respec to the optimal spec for a progression boss? - How many points do you have in your artifact weapon? Do you have any offspec artifact weapons leveled? Is your artifact knowledge up to date? - How do you feel about sitting out for any given encounter should we not need you? It will happen. - Are you willing to test new content on the PTR or BETA when it becomes available? - How did you hear about our guild? - What is your reason for applying? What makes us more appealing that any one of the thousands of other raiding guilds out there? - Are there any WWA raiders or ex-raiders who would be willing to vouch for you? - Last words: Show us what sets you apart from the rest of the candidates; what makes you better? What can you bring to WWA? Let us know why WE should want YOU. This is your last chance to impress us, be thorough. If there is anything that wasn’t covered in this application that you’d like us to know, tell us here. Do not answer this question with one sentence. Once again, the more complete the answer, the better.
  24. There are certain things we expect from our applicants, so read the below carefully and consider them before applying. ATTENDANCE We expect you to be online and ready at 7:30 with ALL necessary consumables required that evening. If you have some real-life obligations or circumstances that would inhibit your ability to raid with this schedule or will in the near future DO NOT APPLY. We run a tight roster and can’t afford to recruit unreliable people. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU CAN NOT COMMIT. We are not interested in recruiting people to raid two nights a week. During Progression we raid 7:30-12am Sunday-Thursday.That means we raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday during the aforementioned hours. Often times during periods of progression, we will push past over 12, to get kills. COMPUTER/CONNECTIONWe expect our members to be able to stay connected and at an FPS conducive to good gameplay on the vast majority of encounters.If your computer and internet are not reliable at least 95% of the time, there is a high chance we will not want you in raids. GEAR/SPEC/GEMMING We fully expect that you have all your gear correctly and optimally gemmed, enchanted and that you are using the correct glyphs. If you are using incorrect gems, glyphs or enchants, expect to be ridiculed on your app, and perhaps in our guild if you somehow manage to get in. Your gear, spec and gemming tells us more about you than you think, including whether or not you understand relevant thoerycrafting and how familiar you are with your class mechanics. Above all, gems, enchants, specs and glyphs show us how much effort you put in.It doesn't take a whole lot to log on to some relevant theorycrafting site or spreadsheet and figure out what gems, gear, enchants and specs are mathematically proven to increase your raid output the most. Improper gear, gems, enchants or glyphs show a blatant lack of caring and a disregard for your fellow raids who have put in their time and efforts. Raid Experience/Class Knowledge It's neither our job nor our desire to teach you how to raid. While exceptions will be made, a strong raiding background and relevant experience is preferred. If your character has less gear or raid experience than my alt, it'll be difficult to convince me you're geared or experienced enough to fill the role we want you to. This doesn't mean don't apply if you're not, exceptions can and will be made, it just means that at the very least it is required that you have a strong knowledge of how your class is to function in every fight, including ones you haven't done. We have no desire whatsoever to teach you encounters you could easily read about. Some Final Words: Effort and dedication are musts. I fully expect of every applicant what i expect of my self: a continuous effort and drive for perfection. Perfection is something most of us, myself included, will never reach, but we should always strive to hit it, and shoot to better ourselves. Any questions can be directed to myself. All of my alts have "Sark" in the name.
  25. New site.