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  1. testing

    avatar is fat fml
  2. Wal-mart toe suck

    Rofl. That guy your idol?
  3. Happy Birthday Sark!

    happy b-day oldie
  4. I don't know why you deleted it! I love failure.
  5. @Drye

  6. What?

    5/8, no logs, terrible format, terrible gear. It looks like a troll because its terrible. Fuck off.
  7. Ultraxion down, US 14th, 13th US Overall

    Lootioh wasn't even attack at the start, lol
  8. WTB BlizzCon Virtual Ticket

    I think its 40 bucks.
  9. false app

    Sure, just have them take a look, TLS and some other guilds had that stuff too.
  10. because I'm bored...

  11. because I'm bored...

  12. because I'm bored...

  13. Consent Forum

    Communication, Leadership, and Virtual Teams - Guild Observation Study (CLVTGor) - a 6 month study This is a 6 month observation only study. I will observe and record the dynamics of guild during Raid play. The study will concentrate on collecting data from the guild's various raiding teams. The study will run from Sept 25th (with the release of MoP) and end April 30th. The data I will collect during this 6-month time period includes: WOL data files I will collect and save the existing data files collected for WoL. Video broadcast of Raid;(JustinTV, TwitchTV or the like) I will regularly download and store any video files placed there from Raiding. Vent recordings I will record the audio from any of the Raid parties. Weekly survey I will provide a short online (OPTIONAL) survey that member of the Raid party can complete. The survey will take no more than 5mins to complete. Interview survey (administered at 3months and 6months) At the three and six month time period, I will interview the various Raid and guild leaders. The interview takes about 15mins. Consent for the study is handled via postings at the guild sites. If you do not want to be a part of the study, you can opt out by not playing in the Raids or by changing/altering your toon name in Vent and in the Raid. For more information please visit http://wowleaderstudy.com/research/ Regards... :: Joy Robinson :: PhD Candidate :: Illinois Institute of Technology :: Technical Communication :: email > wowleaderstudy@gmail.com :: phone> 331.442.4882
  14. WWA Art!!!

    I commissioned someone to draw my toon on deviantart, looks pretty nice imo.
  15. WWA Art!!!

    I know