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  1. Iron Maidens Down, US 8th. 8/10

    Grats boys and girls, make me proud
  2. @Reniat

    http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1185218-Guide-Active-Mitigation-Hipsters-5-4-DK-Tanking Written and moderated by Reniat, just browse it.
  3. Heroic Garrosh down. US 4th, World 16th.

    Congrats boys!!
  4. Paragons down. 13/14. US 4th, World 14th.

    !! Congrats boys
  5. Heroic Thok down. US 5th.

    Shut the fuck up Zaphikel.....pip pip
  6. Heroic Thok down. US 5th.

    !! Grats boys.....and Botty
  7. Ra-den down US 6th Kill

    On deployment, protecting America by driving a ship full of Marines in boxes in random places in the Middle East.....it's real fun!
  8. Ra-den down US 6th Kill

    Congrats boys
  9. Need Mists of Pandaria Digital Copy

    But seriously
  10. Heroic Imperial Vizier Zor'lok down

    Clearly a gear issue
  11. Sweet Videos

    Curious to know how you came across this...
  12. WWA downs heroic Madness. US 12th. See you in MoP.

    Shitbag Soul and Bill....rofl
  13. Warmaster down, US 12th.

    Very nice