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  1. WWA downs heroic Madness (continued).

    splinx, any thought in returning for pandaria?
  2. WWA downs heroic Madness (continued).

    congrats to guys from run out, to immature pricks, to WWA, Sark has always, ALWAYS put his heart into what is best for the collective. I am glad that he (and the rest of the people that stuck around from WWA) were finally able to surround themselves with great raiders. continue to rape. Ill be awaiting a sweet kill video so I can continue to live vicariously through everyone.
  3. The Compendium of Shit that is said by WWA

    honestly, gianluca still said the funniest shit ever said on ventrilo. was annoying as fuck when it came to raiding but....god DAMN that guido was HILLARIOUS horseclit hooknose bitch, sorry im lagging "this is how you master the ledge boss" "i need 5 blood lusts" "knock knock alligator"
  4. ya i died to green slime, TWICE. then aoe damage p3
  5. what the fuck, didnt die until the end on putricide when we killed it.
  6. Hello to people

    anthony i love you and miss your giant poop stories.
  7. @ The application of Brawlsack

    ya we found out, and gkicked him for A) being bad lying C) being bad