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  1. Ra-den down US 6th Kill

    Good stuff. I'm sure Lei Shen was louder simply because everyone knows it's harder than Ra-den. Now time to repeat on alts and go for server 2nd!
  2. Ra-den down US 6th Kill

    Grats guys. Looks like you barely pulled it off. Definitely one of those loud ass vent moments.
  3. We killed Heroic Lei Shen. US 8th.

    grats guys
  4. Heroic Sha of Fear down. US 9th.

  5. We killed Grand Empress and stuff.

    Screen shot or it didn't happen!
  6. Need Mists of Pandaria Digital Copy

    79,999g 99s 99c jk, felt like trolling you stommped
  7. Heroic Imperial Vizier Zor'lok down

    it's cause i already had the boots, so it didn't want to drop agi loot like every other boss. INC Triple Vanq!
  8. Heroic Will of the Emperor

    we came... we saw... we died... we danced... we won
  9. WWA Art!!!

    if you turn it into a troll, i'll use it for my sig! Botty, you know you wanna stay feral. You were asking all those kitty questions last night.
  10. DayZ

    I was originally having these issues of being stuck on the loading screen. I around the issue by going into steam, right clicking on Arma II and verifying the game files then defragging. I did the same thing to OA. Then I ran Arma II & OA once, applied the latest BattleEye dll's from their website. Then I placed into the Dayz folder and launched the game. Got in right away.
  11. St. Judes Charity

    Thanks and thank you for donating.
  12. St. Judes Charity

    fixed. I guess it's too difficult to set up a the domain to have www and the domain without www. All that was missing was adding www, so stupid. THANKS!
  13. St. Judes Charity

    My son is participating in a St. Judes charity trike-a-thon and I wanted to post the online link for donations for anyone who would like to donate. Feel free to pass the link along. www.mytrikeathon.org/LandonMosi