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  1. If you need access

    Gives me more places to do it at though.
  2. If you need access

    Need full access to troll zaph more please!
  3. If you need access

    So much access.
  4. Day 2: 8/14. Dark Shaman and Nazgrim down. US 4th.

    Need more 17 hour raid nights.
  5. Dark Animus down.

    That's one great screen shot.
  6. Path of Exile

    I started a ranger, seems legit. I've no real idea what I'm doing as far as gems and shit but meh. I'm like level 18 or something.
  7. Path of Exile

    So just make something, in plans of actually playing your second character? What's the easy mode roll your face thing to do.. I'm not making the mistake of going witch doctor again. EDIT: Clearlylol Just waiting in this 10750 que, np.
  8. Path of Exile

    What's the best thing to go? As far as class, and spec, and stuff.
  9. Path of Exile

    Yeah, when I actually find free time I plan on giving it a try.
  10. Bloat the Bubble Fish TCG Pet for sell

    So random*
  11. Pure gold

    So a level 1 lock named Therealgregl linked me this out of no where today... http://i.imgur.com/N9mga.jpg I gotta admit, I laughed. Sorry for the double post, but sadly I couldn't delete the other one. =(
  12. WWA Art!!!

    Obviously is rofl'ing all over this post.
  13. WWA Art!!!

    No one would ever make that mistake Hozz.
  14. Guildwars

    There are no threads, because it's a terrible game and no one wants to play that shit.
  15. Räw - Death Knight Unholy / Frost

    This is one of those, you aren't quite what we are looking for, good luck in your search types of apps. I can understand aiming at nasse for his reply, but to go at xoss when his actually had value to it doesn't make much sense. No one likes to be called out, but no matter what people might post in your apps, for future apps, never respond in such a defensive "I'm better than you" attitude. You know none of us, and therefore have no backing here, it would behoove you to learn to take things with a lighter touch. Tact is always key. Anyways.