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  2. U still playing?
  3. Access please.
  4. i can comment on here


  5. I require access please
  6. Requesting access
  7. I'd also love to play any version of Axis & Allies, but preferably Europe.
  8. if you need access let me know. (by me i mean spam the unholy fucking shit out of phrequency and make him do it). Also, let us know what sort of access you need. For example if you have "guild" access, but you are a raider, state that. If you need guild access and you haven't been granted that, state it. It is worth noting that if you are not of sufficient importance to that guild (essentially if you are not a raider or an ex-raider, or a long time member of the guild), you probably have sufficient access. Particularly if you're on of the people that has been invited post-Cata, you probably have all the access you're going to get.
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